You're tired of the backtalk.
The constant arguing.
The whining.

You wish you had options besides yelling, bribing, and giving in to their demands!

"Communication for Imperfect Families" E-Course

Helping you create an atmosphere of love and respect in your home.

  • Break the yelling cycle! Get your kids to listen without raising your voice.
  • Lose the panic button. Set boundaries with cool, calm confidence, even if your kids disagree or have a tantrum.
  • Stop the drama. Listen well so you can get to the root of the problem and avoid an argument!
  • Make it personal. Gain skills and strategies to respond without a script -- using your own words and doing it your own way!
"Managing my emotions has changed the whole course with my daughter. We've had so many more positive interactions these past couple weeks."
- course participant

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Are you are ready to...

  • Create a plan to interact in a calm, respectful way (even if that seems impossible right now).
  • Learn strategies once and tweak them as your child grows. (The tips are applicable to kids from toddler to teen.)
  • Make a lifestyle change. Each lesson builds on the previous one, taking you step-by-step in a new (and positive!) direction.

You don't have to do this alone.

  • Live online support is available during the first 7 weeks of the course. Ask questions, get clarification, or celebrate successes! 
  • One-on-one parent coaching sessions are available at a discount for course participants.
        "My girls and I started communicating, really communicating! They are talking to me about stuff...not just coming to me to tattle on their sister!"
        -course participant
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        I am Nicole Schwarz, imperfect mom to 3 girls, Parent Coach and Child & Family Therapist. I am passionate about helping parents use positive, respectful strategies with their kids.

        Communication is the number one complaint I hear from families. And while every family's story is a little different, they all have one thing in common -- something has to change. With my background as a child & family therapist and my role as a parent coach, my goal is to help parents (you!) look at communication in a different light, to tackle these communication challenges with new skills and strategies that build stronger relationships with your kids.

        ​​​​​​​I believe that positive, respectful communication is possible for every family, and I am excited to support you on this journey.

        What this course covers:

        Lesson One: Introduction 
        Learn the foundation for healthy communication, challenge some of your own unhealthy communication patterns, and create a vision for the communication you want to see in your family.

        Lesson Two: Connection
        Building a strong relationship with your kids is critical to changing the communication in your home. Learn what connection looks like, why it's important, and how to make it work with your busy life!

        Lesson Three: Calm
        Ready to stop the yelling and arguing? Calm brains make good decisions. You'll explore situations that make you feel upset, learn ways to stay calm and address these triggers.

        Lesson Four: Listening
        Let's put an end to interrupting, whining and begging! Learn about some common listening roadblocks and how to keep these from impacting the communication in your home!

        Lesson Five: Empathy
        Seeing things from the other person's perspective is a powerful communication tool. Explore this often misunderstood strategy, and see how it can dramatically reduce the meltdowns, backtalk, and conflict with your kids. 

        Lesson Six: Teach
        Address those nagging complaints about chores, following directions, and getting along with siblings using positive discipline instead of punishment. 

        Lesson Seven: Putting it All Together
        Of course, it's easy to fall back into negative patterns of communication from time to time. Learn how to pull all of the previous lessons together to get you and your family back on track!

        Each lesson includes a video that digs a little deeper into the topic, plus additional activities and resources to enhance your learning.